How has the community been consulted?
In 2017 we carried out more than 40 hours of consultation with local residents and groups to understand their views and collect their feedback. We reviewed all the feedback received and the plans have evolved to respond to these comments.

How was the consultation advertised?
Over 3,000 newsletters were distributed to households and businesses around the site to publicise each event. The events were also publicised by adverts in the local newspapers.

How have the plans changed in response to consultation?
In direct response to your feedback, the proposal for Churchill Quarter has evolved throughout the consultation process and changes include:
- Changing the material palette to ensure the development references the existing local character
- Increased soft landscaping to blend the development with the adjacent gardens and maintain space for respite in the town centre
- Varied building heights to create visual interest and ensure the Churchill Theatre and Library building
remains the key landmark in Bromley Town Centre
- The taller buildings have been moved away from the boundary with Library Gardens
- New homes will be spread across 7 blocks which have been designed to fit with Bromley’s evolving townscape

How can I view the submitted application?
The application has now been registered and the Council will be carrying out its own statutory consultation with the local community. You can view the full application on Bromley Council’s Planning Portal using planning reference 18/02181/FULL1 or by following this link: https://searchapplications.bromley.gov.uk/online-applications/simpleSearchResults.do?action=firstPage